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The Knit is a top of the class outsourcing partner. Leave the head-hunting, onboarding and attrition costs to us and focus on the deliverables instead.

The Knit talent pool
Years of experience
Worldwide clients

Can’t find the right one?

Professional talent head-hunting and acquisition team will deep dive into outsourced team requirements. Based on the specs, we will seek the top of the class people. Offload the work and time your staff spends on tech functions and focus on what matters the most.

We offer a smart solution for your business to get more done with less money and with minimum liability. By using a decentralized workforce, you save on the cost of office, training, managing and keeping “in-house” employees.You can submit your request below or schedule a meeting with us directly.

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Why us

1. Talent

We are ready to source you a part-time or a full-time individual talent or a whole dedicated team based on your specific needs. From skilled developers to experienced customer support or sales managers for your digital business.

2. Communication

Daily, weekly, monthly - everything is up to you and your wishes. Choose tools and methods that suit your personal and organizational needs the best.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Talented developers from a less inflated labor market will let you cut down your development cost and end up with the same quality of work.

4. Involvement

Choose your involvement in all processes. Allow us to worry about project planning, quality assurance, deployment, and DevOps or manage it yourself.

Our process

We take the guesswork out of the hiring process and bring in talented staff to fill every position required to ensure your projects are successful.


First, we would like to hear your business strategy, goals, general business practice, budget and associated requirements so we could tailor the outstaffing solution specifically for your business.


We will facilitate the matching between the talents and your organization, so the final outcome would be a mutual contract for long-term vision.


We will analyze your organizational structure and current market trends in terms of the teams or individuals required and come back with a clear strategic approach.


Let us take care of the administrative burden on the start of the expert or the product team - we will make sure that their first day at work is special and that they kick-off their career efficiently.


Head-hunting and vetting clients are on our shoulders - we will make sure that only the best and most suitable candidates will come to you for final evaluation.

Status Check

We measure the temperature of every outstaffing project frequently. This ensures that any issues are raised and dealt with before it makes any impact on day-to-day business.

Benefits of our services

Full control over the development process

A large pool of IT specialists

Variety of expertise and technologies

No administrative burden

Significant cost savings

We will help you create a competitive advantage

Motivated and highly-skilled talents from Europe & LatAm

Simple and fast hiring process

Companies we are trusted by

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