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We are building a network of talented people in IT & finance industries, therefore we are excited to have you visiting this site. As a member of our talent network, you will get exclusive news about the industry, various cool projects we are working on, career advices, our employee success stories and new job opportunities you may be interested in.

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What our candidates say about us

“Knit delivers consistently high-quality products”

Knit did a great job of providing a diversity of projects in my current career path. I have the flexibility to work from anywhere around the globe and not feel bound to a single office. I have the freedom to select the tools of work that I want and experiment with different technologies that I was not able to do in my past workplaces. Not to mention that there are amazing colleagues with whom you can learn together and have fun

- Lukas

QA at Barbora

“Knit is the best representative of innovative employer”

“Knit is the best representative of innovative employer with simple management approach, gathering talented people and giving condition to promote their growth.
This concept covers all terms of flexible/ hybrid work environment, including assurance of required tools and development possibilities, raising and maintaining people engagement in company's activities.
It also demonstrates understanding of employee's personal needs and diversity by keeping clear communication, supporting individual professional improvements as well as care about life balance.
Within current state of fast changing worldwide situation & inevitable personal challenges Knit provides a sense of stability position and motivating atmosphere.”

- Mantvile