Hire employee

Onboard employees without opening an entity.

You  can hire employees in another country in minutes without the cost, time and admin. We will take care of the entire employment process so you can focus on building your best business.
You should always hire the best person or team for the job. As an international team, we can help you get those people - no matter where they are - on your team in hours.

Our emplyment solution helps with

1. Onboarding

We will be your middle-man for hiring a desired employee from anywhere in the world. With us, it’s only a matter of days. Once you find a candidate to hire, our team will manage the onboarding process in accordance with local mandates. You won’t have to handle any of the legal, tax, or HR burdens that come with the territory.


Our employee managers will personally handle all workflow tasks and talent management challenges for you. Only a personal touch can make sure we build a strong relationship between you and an employee. Our managers will take care of all legal, tax, compliance and payroll tasks, no matter how many or where from your employees will be.


As your international benefits administrator, we handle the many complexities of country-specific benefits packages. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy or offering because every country has its own requirements. And managing employee benefits becomes more difficult if your business continues to grow.

4. Payroll

Our insight into local markets helps you understand what your talent expects to be paid. Then, we design benefits packages that are in line with what local employers are required to offer, a key part of ensuring your employment contracts are compliant.

5. Compliance

Employment contracts customized to comply with any local regulations of the international workforce, so you can have as much confidence as you do speed to market. Also when the time comes, we’ll walk you through the steps of employee termination.