Hire the team

The people you need, whenever you need them.

Our hiring group can help you build an outsourced team from scratch. We have a global network of top talent that we can connect you with, and we'll work with you to make sure that your team is a perfect fit for your needs. We'll save you time, money, and effort and ensure your team hits the ground running and succeeds. Learn more about what we can do for you below.

Why hire the team?


Fresh start in a new market with a fully built team.

Is your company planning to expand the business or enter a new market? The start of a new team is always full of challenges, finding the right professionals, onboarding them but also building them into a team. We feel the pain you are going through, therefore we are ready to accept this challenge for you!


Extension of existing team with remote employees.

Remote dedicated team of exclusive employees. Our flexible service offers a smart extension to your existing workforce or stand alone exclusive staff. Our remote staff model can help you decrease expenses, minimize liability, increase company’s focus, and maximize your profits. And best of all, there is absolutely no contact involved. You can walk away at any time.


Rent developers for product development

We have ready-to-hire teams of experienced testers, developers, DevOps engineers, and other specialists. They can take over a full dev-to-prod cycle or specific project tasks. Body leasing (sometimes called also as Offshore Development Centre ODC) is maybe the most popular outsourcing method for companies who work with larger teams in software development. This model will give you a dedicated team in our development center, who will perform under your control.


Do you want to expand faster in new markets?

Get the whole company built for you. We will built, grow it, manage it and once it is mature enough, you will  have the company transferred under your control. Starting and building your own software development company (from zero) in a foreign is very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Our service provides a faster and flexible solution to get your own development center in a country that has lower labor cost or higher qualified resources availability. Cooperate with us and we will make long-term plans in your development strategy. Contact us to discuss it more.